When should I test for lead-based paint?

Any home built prior to 1978 could be suspect. Paint that is peeling or flaking from an area should be tested. Areas where children are likely to chew - such as window sills (lead paint is sweet tasting) or renovation projects (removing of walls).

What are the effects of the lead in the environment?

Lead has no function in the body. It can have poisonous effects on the liver, kidneys, nerves, bones, blood and brain causing a variety of toxic reactions including learning disabilities and even retardation. Children are at high risk because their normal activities introduce non-food items into their bodies, and their developing brains are very susceptible to lead's toxic properties. Lead accumulates in the body and is only slowly removed. Exposure to low levels of lead over extended periods of time can cause serious behavioral problems and learning disabilities. Adults as well as children are susceptible to the toxic effects on lead.

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